About Us

Who We Are & What We Do

Founded in 2013, BeeLine Transfer LLC is a transportation company based in Dundee, Ohio that prioritizes efficient, reliable, and safe hauling services. Our areas of expertise range from Local & Regional trucking services and meticulous Dispatch services to Specialty hauling and providing various types of trailers fit for any job. From small-scale local deliveries to oversized regional hauls, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to ensuring your cargo reaches its destination undeterred. With a culture rooted in customer satisfaction and service excellence, BeeLine Transfer LLC is more than a transportation company—we are your dependable partner in custom hauling solutions. To learn more about our commitment to quality service and our range of offerings, visit our links below.

How We Help

At BeeLine Transfer, our commitment goes beyond providing exceptional transportation services; we also strive to make a difference in the community we serve. Our desire to stay invested in the lives and well-being of our neighbors is reflected through the various charitable and community-based initiatives we participate in and support.

Annual Community Meal

Each year, we proudly host an Annual Community Meal that offers a warm and welcoming environment for families and individuals in our local area. Our team volunteers their time and resources to ensure the event promotes for fellowship and nourishment. This festive gathering strengthens the bonds in our community and promotes a spirit of unity—reminding us that we are all part of a supportive and caring network.

Christmas Toy Drive

The holiday season is an opportunity for us to spread cheer and make a difference in the lives of children through our Christmas Toy Drive. We join forces and collaborate with local charities to collect and distribute toys and gifts for children in need. Our participation in this charity helps ensure that every child experiences the joy of receiving a special gift during the holidays, regardless of their families’ financial conditions.

Our dedication to helping the community we serve extends beyond our transportation services. We firmly believe in using our resources for the greater good and are honored to help make a positive impact on the lives of our fellow community members.

Meet The Crew


Austin & Lindsey

Austin and Lindsey are the dynamic duo spearheading BeeLine Transfer, infusing their unique skills and passion into every aspect of the business.

Austin wears multiple hats with the utmost professionalism. Not only is he a diligent driver, but he also masterfully handles dispatch and conducts crucial mechanical work for the entire operation. His deep-rooted affinity for hauling equipment and a myriad of other materials formulates the backbone of our services.

Austin’s primary goal is to simplify the process for customers, offering convenience and reliability with a personal touch. Customers can anticipate direct contact with Austin, avoiding impersonal automated systems and benefitting from genuine human interaction.

Together with Lindsey, they relentlessly strive to ensure all cargo is transported promptly and efficiently, reinforcing their commitment to superior service and timeliness.



Nathaniel, a seasoned truck driver with over 18 years of industry experience, has spent nearly half this period at BeeLine Transfer, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and consistency. His vibrant personality coupled with a high level of professionalism make him not just proficient at his job, but also a fantastic liaison with the clients, turning their needs into actions flawlessly.

As the skilled driver of the 2022 Kenworth W990, Nathaniel shows a distinct passion for moving equipment using the RGN trailer, although his adaptability enables him to competently manage any trailer as per job requirements.

Outside his professional role, Nathaniel is a dedicated family man. He is happily married and the proud father to 11 children, a testament to his hardworking and caring nature both on and off the road.



Brandon, a proficient truck driver with eight years’ experience in the industry, embarked on a new journey as an independent truck owner in 2023. His professional acumen, matched with his personable nature, make him exceptional in customer relations and adept at ensuring quality service. He possesses a strong affinity and expertise for hauling equipment alongside a variety of other freight, relishing the diverse responsibilities entrusted by his clients.

Beyond his work, he enjoys a fulfilling personal life. Brandon shares his love for trucks with his young son, an enthusiasm graciously supported by his devoted girlfriend, both of whom add joy and balance to his life.

Despite being the latest addition to our crew, the 26-year-old has swiftly integrated into the team at BeeLine Transfer LLC, bringing an admirable blend of youthful energy, commitment, and expertise to our operation.

Services we offer

Local & Regional

Our Local & Regional trucking services are designed to offer peace of mind, and reliability that you can count on, at competitive rates. With us, you receive more than transportation – you get a commitment to service excellence.


 Understanding the crucial role dispatch plays in a successful delivery, we utilize a team of dedicated professionals and advanced technologies to coordinate and communicate each step of the journey.

Specialty Hauling

Whether it’s construction equipment, large machinery, or delicate items requiring top-notch care and expert rigging, we have the skills and resources to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient transport.

Our Trailers

 Our inventory comprises a versatile mix of Landoll detach trailers and step-deck trailers to accommodate different payload types, including oversized, heavy, or unusually shaped loads.Each of our trailers is meticulously maintained and routinely inspected, ensuring they remain in optimal condition to deliver your cargo safely and efficiently. With BeeLine Transfer LLC’s versatile trailer options, we have the flexibility and capability to take on a variety of cargo loads, catering to our clients’ unique hauling needs.

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